Byron Berline Band & Legacy Grass

Since 1996, the Byron Berline Band has found their bluegrass and western swing music in high demand around their home state of Oklahoma as well as nationally and internationally. Byron Berline's sudden passing in July of 2021 left his band of more than 20 years shocked, heartbroken, and without direction. What would Byron want the band to do in his absence? After many hours of consideration, soul searching, and prayer, they felt Byron would want the band to continue in a way that would honor Byron Byron and continue his musical legacy. The BBB added three outstanding young musicians  who had spent their formative years at the knee of Byron and John Hickman (who had passed away a few months prior to Byron). 

Join the Byron Berline Band & Legacy Grass for an exciting new show consisting of bluegrass and Western swing in the style of legendary fiddler Byron Berline. Whether you see them on the road or at one of their regular shows at the Double Stop Music Hall in Guthrie, Oklahoma, you will experience a performance that firmly roots itself in Byron's tradition while continuing his musical exploration and expansion. The BBB & Legacy Grass is a unique band on a unique mission to preserve the old and promote the new, to develop the next generation of musical pioneers, and to move forward in the spirit of Byron's musical heritage.